Magnet Stead-i Bails w/ Chain Assembly

For a steady lift the Magnet Stead-i Bail with Chain Assembly is a great choice. The bail is welded together so it can't move, unlike some other magnet chain slings. It provides an easy operation where the bail stands up while the chain rests, therefore it balances a load with superior stability. This USA made product is engineered and built for increased service life and less down time meaning easy inspection, and replaceable parts. It is available in two chain sizes and can lift up to 150,000 lbs.


  • Ease of Use - Designed so bail stands up while chain rests on floor, there is no
    wrestling with the bail for hook-up
  • Balanced Loading - Three point suspension offers superior stability
  • Wearability - Engineered and built for increased service life, with heat treated
    bail, pins, alloy chain and end links
  • Less Down Time - Easy inspection, replaceable pins, legs and bail mean more
    time on the job and fewer off-site repairs
  • Made in USA
  • Different chain sizes available 



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Product Chain Size Inches Chain Size mm Reach (in.) Dim A (in.) Dim B (in.) Dim C (in.) Dim D (in.) Dim E (in.) Dim F (in.) Number of Links Magnet Diameter (in.) Lbs. Per Ea. Working Load Limit (Lbs.)
MGB075 3/4 20 34.000 5.000 7.000 2.500 0.880 2.000 5.000 3 up to 43 175 65000
MGB100 1 26 42.000 7.000 10.000 3.500 1.250 2.500 6.000 3 44 to 60 399 110000
MGB125 1-1/4 32 52.000 8.000 12.000 4.000 1.500 3.250 8.000 3 60 and over 615 150000