Quik Grip

Quik Grip (Passenger) or Type PL (QG1100 Series) is the only ladder-style link chain available that meets S.A.E. Class “S” clearance requirements. Quik Grip is also available with a bar-reinforced link (QG1800 Series). Please remember that the bar-reinforced products WILL NOT meet these clearance restrictions. Quik Grip comes packaged in a reusable plastic carrying case. The case is durable and recyclable and includes complete installation and removal instructions.

  • Steel link
Cross Member Pattern
  • Ladder
Tensioners Required
  • Yes
Tensioners Included
  • No
Meets Class “S”
  • Yes
  • Twist Link
  • Plastic Box
Has CAM Locking Mechanism
  • Yes

How to use Peerless Quik Grip

Installation instructions for Peerless Quik Grip