Kito hoists are designed to be simple but there is always an opportunity to learn. Check out our growing video library to see how you can get the most out of your current hoist or discover a new lifting solution that may improve your business.

Technical Support - CF Pawl Rework

How Slip Clutch Hoists Create Safer Worksites

Kito's Maurie Bergstrom shows how the L5LB's slip clutch helps create a safer workplace.

The HCB High Speed Hand Chain Hoist

Save time and increase efficiency lifting heavy loads with Kito's High-Sped Hand Chain Hoist. Using the world's first built-in high/low clutch technology, this heavy duty hoist operates to standard specifications when loaded, but runs up to seven times faster when unloaded.

Kito's "Smart" Weston-style Mechanical Brake in Action

Kito's Maurie Bergstrom describes the L5LB lever chain hoist "smart" mechanical brake.

Kito's Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) In Action

Kito's Maurie Bergstrom show us how the variable frequency drive (VFD) works on the electric ER Series chain hoist.

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