Quik Grip HD Alloy Square Rod Highway Service CAM Truck

High quality tires engineered to perform in adverse winter conditions.

Whether you are driving down a steep grade in snow, ice, or mud, the Quik Grip HD Alloy Square Rod CAM Truck is the perfect choice.  These particular tire chains provide excellent traction and durability for both on & off road applications. 5.5mm Square Rod Alloy tire chains are now available for many popular light truck applications.

Quik Grip Alloy Chains are made from high grade manganese alloy steel. The added durability of alloy chain makes these ideal for extended use. The square rod cross chain design provides greater traction than traditional truck link chains. Quik Grip Alloy features CAM style side chain tighteners for quick and easy installation.

Quik Grip link chain for heavy duty trucks is available in many styles from standard highway service (QG2200 Series for singles and QG4200 Series for duals) and bar-reinforced styles (QG2800 Series for singles and QG4800 Series for duals) to CTO (cold temperature operation).

All Quik Grip heavy duty tire chains include complete installation and removal instructions.  

Chains that offer a CAM tightening system DO NOT require separate chain tensioners, but they do require a CAM tightening tool that is included in the package.

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Chain Tighteners Not Required

No need to worry about a chain tightening system with this tire chain. It comes with a CAM tightening system and a CAM tool (QG20088) is supplied in each bag for your convenience. Chain tensioners are optional and sold separately.

HD Alloy Square Rod Links

The "square rod" links have more gripping power than round rod chains. The heavy duty cross chains will out perform any traditional ladder link chain on the market, lasting longer while providing much more aggressive traction.


The pitch length of a chain is an important factor in performance. With this shorter pitch length, it enables more chain to cover the surface of the tire, resulting in better traction. Short pitch length is 7mm or 8mm square rod cross chain links.


Quik Grip Alloy cross chains are made from high grade manganese alloy steel. Alloy tire chain wear considerably longer than regular carbon steel chains. This makes them ideal for trucks that use their chains for extended periods of time. The chain has a shiny yellow zinc finish.

Bell Shaped Cross Chain End Hooks

Bell-style hooks keeps the cross chain stable on the tire and holds the ideal angle of pull on the sidewall chain with minimum strain on the connect point. More chain stability enables better performance.


This square rod alloy cross chain can be used for several application types including deep snow, steep grades, and ice & mud. Also available for different truck types and tire sizes.

  • Alloy steel link
Cross Member Pattern
  • Ladder
Tensioners Required
  • No
Tensioners Included
  • No
Meets Class “S”
  • No
  • Square Rod Alloy
  • Bag
Has CAM Locking Mechanism
  • Yes