TCR250M Manipulator Control Air Hoist

The master manipulator.

Imagine a TCR hoist, but with a one-handed operation.  That's what the TCR250M offers - all the features of a TCR plus the manipulator control, providing fine feathering control with just one hand. This hoist can operate for long periods of time while delivering smooth starts and stops, and presicion placement for those tougher applications. 

Manipulator Control

The ergonomic, in-line handgrip control allows for single-handed operation, which gives the operator a free hand to safely guide and position the load.

Ergonomic In-Line Hand-grip and push buttons

Easy-Touch buttons for fine feathering control. Push pressure determines speed of lift and lowering of the load. Simply grab the handle while pressing on one of the adjacent buttons with your thumb.


The TCR air hoist is built for long and demanding work shifts. With its unlimited duty cycle, you can continually operate the hoist without worrying about damage from too many starts per hour.


Protect the hoist and operator while avoiding downtime. The TCR’s adjustable, built-in load limiter is pre-set to stop lifting when the load capacity is over-rated, which keeps your job site safer.

Six foot lift

With a 1/4 tonne capacity this hoist has a standard lift of 6 feet.

  • &frac14
  • Environmental Protection: IP55 environmental protection, 80.5 dBA at 1 metre
  • Operating Conditions: Recommended for-10 to +60° Celsius
  • Oil filter and lubricator comes standard in the box
  • Chain bag to keep chain clean and out of the way
  • Custom lift lengths to suit your requirements
  • Plain, geared or air trolley mount
  • High-strength cast iron housing for proven weather resistance and durability in harsh environments
  • Compact and low profile headroom
  • Planetary gear box
  • Ultra-strong high performance nickel-plated load chain
  • Grade 80
  • Forged carbon steel opens gradually without fracturing under excessive loads. Bottom and top hooks swivel 360 degrees
  • Self-closing top and bottom hooks with heavy-duty hook latch
  • Manipulator control with 6 foot lift
  • Provides outstanding control for fine feathering movements using a spring-loaded multi-vane motor design
  • Heavy-duty, self-adjusting brake
  • Air Supply: 60 to 90 psi
  • Air-powered, spring-loaded multi-vane
  • Speed Control: Full range variable speed control
  • Minimum 10 to 15 drops of oil per minute from a max distance of 15 feet
  • Maximum 5-micron air filter or finer required
  • Unlimited duty cycle
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*For informational purposes only, contact Kito for dimensional drawing


Capacity (tonne) Model C a b d e g h i j k
¼ TCR250M 305 287 102 112 175 23 71 33 18 102

* All measurements in millimeters (mm). Please confirm specifications with technical support before purchase.


Capacity (tonne) Model Standard Lift (ft) Push Button Hose L (ft) Up/Down Speeds (90 psi - ft/min) Up/Down Air Consumption Rates (cubic ft/min @ 90 psi) Load Chain Diameter (mm) X Chain Fall Lines Net Weight lbs Weight for additional 5 ft of Lift
with Load w/o Load With full load w/o full load
¼ TCR250M 6 6 26/54 55/41 28/28 32/25 4 X 1 24 --