EDCL Ergonomic Electric Chain Hoist

Single-handed operation. Single-phase power.

Add an ergonomic cylinder control to Kito’s variable-speed ED hoist that operates on standard 115V and you have a recipe for incredible productivity. The EDCL is at home on any production line, while still being small enough to move between job sites. It’s a formidable combination that’s sure to add valuable flexibility to any operation.

  • 115 Volts

Ergonomic In-Line Handgrip Control

The ergonomic, in-line handgrip control allows for single-handed operation, which gives the operator a free hand to safely guide and position the load.

Easy-Touch High/Low Speed Selection

The easy-touch rocker switch above the handgrip allows you to quickly select between low and high speeds. Finger-turn knobs provide flexibility to externally adjust operating speeds from 0–100 percent.

Quick-Switch Removable Bottom hook

For specific applications where you need an alternative lifting accessory, the EDCL gives you the option to easily remove the standard bottom hook and attach a variety of below-the-hook material handling devices that safely fit your application.

High Speed Motor

The EDCL electric hoist is a quick-lifting, single-phase speed demon available in a variety of ergonomic configurations. It's compact DC motor reduces weight, generates less heat, and maintains duty cycles to keep production moving.

Standard Double-Braking System

Get double the protection with a Weston-style mechanical load brake plus a regenerative brake.

  • 100 to 480 kilograms
  • Single and dual speed
  • CSA approved
  • ASME B30.16 Safety Standard
  • ASME HST-1 Performance Standard
  • IP44 environmental protection
  • Load-bearing parts are only stressed to 20% of their limit at rated capacity
  • Dual Speed Units Available
  • Plastic, canvas, or steel chain containers
  • Lift lengths can be customized to suit requirements
  • Hook or manual trolley mount
  • TMH Mini Trolley designed to work exclusively with the ED hoist
  • Ergonomic control for easy one-handed operation
  • Easy-Touch High/Low Speed Selection
  • Quick-Switch Removable Bottom hook for insertion of a variety of below-the-hook devices
  • Die cast aluminum frame
  • Low headroom profile
  • Weather tight construction resists dust and water
  • Precision induction hardened spur gears immersed in oil bath ensure quiet, smooth operation and long life
  • Abrasion and corrosion resistant nickel-plated load chain is made from heat-treated alloy steel
  • Grade 80
  • Long-lasting, heavy-duty cast iron construction
  • Forged carbon steel opens gradually without fracturing under excessive loads
  • Bottom hook swivels 360 degrees
  • Self-closing top and bottom hooks with heavy-duty hook latch
  • Heat-treated, deep-groove ball and needle bearings are immersed in an oil bath
  • Impact-resistant plastic push button with molded strain relief
  • Adjustable low speed on dual-speed pendant models
  • IP65 dust-tight and watertight environmental protection
  • In-line cylinder control permits one-handed operation
  • Adjustable High/Low Speeds: Easy touch-finger turn nobs for quick selection from high to low speed
  • Weston-style mechanical load brake and regenerative brake
  • Single phase
  • Voltage: 120-1-60 volt
  • Horse Power: .4 to .8 hp
  • Duty Cycle: 30%ED
  • Compact DC motor with rectifier for AC current
  • An integrated high-performance friction clutch prevents damaging overloads and overtravel
  • Upper limit switch prevents overtravel
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Hook Mount

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*For informational purposes only, contact Kito for dimensional drawing


Capacity Model a d C (Inches) e f h i g k m
100kg EDCL10SD 371 187 37 184 205 125 80 25 340 92
240kg EDCL240SD 428 205 38 223 219 135 84 25 362 92

* All measurements in millimeters (mm) - except headroom (C-inches). Please confirm specifications with technical support before purchase.


Capacity Model Standard Lift (ft) Max Lift (ft) Rated Current (amps) Liftiing Speed (FPM) Hoist Motor H.P Headroom (inches) Load Chain Code Load Chain Falls Ship Weight (lbs) Weight per Additional 5ft of Lift (lbs)
Hook Mount
100 kg EDCL10SD 6 6 5 43/10 0.4 37 KED040 1 33 2
240 kg EDCL240SD 6 6 10 44/10 0.8 38 KED040 1 42 2